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We promote our partners in the market so that they can more quickly and usefully expand their alliance with us.

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We always bring the best solutions for our commercial partners, creating new marketing channels.

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We provide excellent products and services in medicine.

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Our strategic alliances help grow and expand your business

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Iongen Corp

IONGEN CORP Born in USA Pembroke Florida in the area of new technical materials, Bio-materials and products for the area of sports medicine, cardiovascular surgery, and administrative clinics developments..

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We are always prepared to carry out the best solution in medicine, with high technology and efficacy.

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For our quality in medical products

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For our professionalism and teamwork

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For our experiences and innovation in medical studies.

Commercial partners

Uk Medik

Ukmedi, with more than 20 years of experience, continues to innovate in biotechnology, with excellent products and services in medicine.


ARTHROMIC hyaluronic acid, a natural implantable compound obtained from biofermentation, is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Iongen Allograft

Human Therapy IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID is an enhanced healing power. 100% pure amniotic fluid is a powerful liquid. It promotes healing in humans.